Shanti Yoga Children’s Classes


Below are unsolicited comments from happy parents. The instructor feels very honored by their kind words and strives her best to live up to their good feelings!


I can't tell you how happy I'm to have you as Alicia's yoga teacher, as I believe that you are seeding knowledge for life!!!


Thank you Durga for being such a wonderful teacher to our kids. You are an amazing teacher and we love you!


Durga is awesome teacher and A…. looks forward to her class. A was saying how much she enjoys shavasana this evening. I'm starting to wish I had a regular practice like she does!


omgoodness, we totally agree.  G…. is in love with durga.  she once told me that she thinks "ms. durga has never yelled before!!".  this is her favorite class to attend each week and gets really upset when she has to miss a class.  we are so happy she is involved in such a mindful and empowering community for young females:)
thank you,
E & R


This quote was kindly submitted by a parent when she learned we were building this website:

"This class is a phenomenal opportunity for young girls to learn yoga in a very simple nurturing way. In fact, my daughter always resists leaving at the end of her class even though she is often times socially reserved.  She loves the other girls and she adores her teacher."