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Water yoga allows the body to stretch more easily while at the same time due to the resistance of the water strengthens the muscles more than on air.  Water yoga releases stress and stimulates an anxiety-free relaxed state.  It strengthens and tones muscles and joints, deepens breath and lung capacity, eases aches and pains.  It is simple, effective and enjoyable and there are many testimonies from people that say they sleep better that night.  The unique properties of water make it possible for people of all fitness levels and limitations to practice without difficulty


Spiritual Healing Waters

Health Benefits of Water Yoga by Jill Coleman

Q & A on Water Yoga by Lakshmi

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When you enter this pool, you will be receiving the benefit of spiritual healing waters.

 The physical activation of the water in this pool was done using a mother solution prepared by the mixing and transmuting of waters from the sacred healing springs around the world (as listed on site).

 The process to prepare the mother solution was from January 11, 1994 to March 20, 1996.



The following information comes from the book Water Yoga, by Jill Coleman

 Virtually weightless, your muscles and bones do not have to support your body in water as they would on land.  This means you can relax in a way that is impossible on land where muscles must be in a constant state of tension or tone.  In water you can identify, observe and attend to specific muscles w/o competition from the work of other muscles.  You can hold poses longer. 

 Vertebrae can separate themselves without gravitational pull for relief from back problems. 

Other joints can separate no longer loaded by weight of the body.

Decreased pain - Water permits gentle stretching in all three dimensions, ideal for postural problems.

 Hydrostatic Pressure – water keeps the body in whatever position you assume.  Also just being in water exerts pressure that slightly compresses the body benefiting heart rate, breathing and circulation of blood and lymph.

 Water offers minimal but constant resistance to movement in all directions means a gentle push is enough to move the body and there is very little risk of straining a muscle.  It is excellent for rehabilitation.

 Warmth increases flexibility and blood flow, while muscle pain and guarding of painful muscles is significantly decreased.  Studies confirm muscles tend to soften, relax and lengthen in warm water therefore flexibility is shown to come more easily.  Also water has a calming, nurturing emotional effect.  The medicinal effects of warm water are well known in therapeutic baths.